Bare Bones Kick Start:

1. Wash Your Growler

Rinse cap, cartridge holder and growler with hot tap water. Shake, pour water out. Located the packet of PWB included with your
purchase and empty the contents into the growler. Fill again with hot tap water to about the bottom of the neck. Replace Cap.

Shake. Allow to sit for at least 10-30 minutes. Pull zipper tab to release potential pressure from PWB and hot water, or slowly remove cap. Then pour out water and rinse thoroughly. It is recommended you allow the growler to dry before filling.

2. Put a C02 Cartridge in your cap

(if you prefer, you can first Fill your growler (Step 3) at the Brew Pub, then charge your cap after the growler is full).

Locate one of the two C02 cartridges included in your box. Turn gas Regulator Dial on top of cap to “off” position (don’t over tight- en). Hold the cartridge holder upright, and drop the cartridge into the cartridge holder with the narrow neck of the cartridge facing up. Screw the cartridge holder into the cap (you may hear a small release of gas when the cylinder is punctured, just keep screwing the cartridge holder into the cap. Hand tight is all that is necessary, don’t overtighten. YOUR CAP CHARGED AND READY.

3. Fill

Foaming out the top is not a problem, but it is recommended the fill level to just below the growler neck. You will need room for the cap to be inserted into the growler. Cap it. (Craft Master Growlers offers a simple standard air tight lid, based on feedback that some believe it’s preferable to hand a busy bartender a lighter simple cap, and keep control of the charged C02 cap themselves.)

4. Regulate your C02

Check your tap is locked. Then slowly turn the regulator dial toward on, watching the pressure gauge as you release pressure. Once you have about 12 PSI turn the regulator dial to off. If you released more than 15 PSI into the growler, then slowly pull on the zipper tab to release a little pressure. (10-15 is the right pressure to tap out your beer at a reasonable rate)

5. Tap

Unlock the tap, open the tap and enjoy! Regulate flow by adding pressure as needed, and for storing your beer. (for units without the built in tap, with a pressurized growler, slowly pull on the zipper tab to release the pressure before unscrewing the cap! Open and pour.)

WARNING: Just like any keg system, always make sure your Regulator Dial is turned to off, and you have pulled the zipper tab to release any pressure before you unscrew the cap!

Regulator Cap Instructions

Always be safe! Note CO2 cartridges should always be properly stored, and kept away from heat. Always keep cap pointed away from you when charging cap. Always make sure growler is pressure free when taking the cap off the growler, by first slowly pulling the zipper tap on the safety pressure release valve.

Quick Start:

Cleaning & Care

Read our guide for cleaning and caring for your Craft Master Growler after use here.

Continue reading below for tips for immediate use after recieving your Craft Master products.

Cleaning Your Growler for the First Time

Your growler has been cleaned and tested prior to packaging. A single use packet of PBW is included with your growler to finally clean all residual residuals left from manufacture and ready your growler for it’s first fill. Powdery Brewers Wash (PBW) is a patented alkali cleaner originally developed for Coors and now widely used by breweries and the recommended cleaner by brewing related stainless steel equipment suppliers.

Prior to your first fill with a beverage, rinse your growler by filling it to the top, emptying half the water, shake and then empty the rest. Next, add the packet of PBW to the empty growler, and re-fill with hot water, replace the cap and shake (cartridge holder can be washed separately. Caution: warm water and PBW will create pressure inside the growler! Prior to opening either open the tap (recommended) or pull the zipper tab on the safety valve to release the internal pressure! Its ideal to let the solution sit for 30 minutes. When the time is up, open tap, remove cap and empty your growler (if you hold the growler with the tap facing down, some water will also run from the tap. Fill the growler with clean tap water and rinse thoroughly. It is recommended you allow the growler to dry with the cap removed prior to the first filling.

You are now ready to fill your Craft Master Growler! It is not necessary to use PBW after each use of your growler. Rising thoroughly with warm soapy water immediately after each use is sufficient for good sanitation.

Beer residue not thoroughly cleaned leaves organic and nonorganic residues and microorganisms, so the better its cleaned the less chance you will have microbial growth (such as mold).

Your growler is air tight, so stored with the cap off or loose will help reduce the surface population of microorganisms. Even so, rinse your growler thoroughly with water prior to each use. You can purchase individual pre-measured packets of PBW from our website for an occasional cleaning and use if the growler has sat unused for a long period of time.

Note on the Sight Level cleaning: If you unit has a built in tap, included is a sight level. The level, and the tap, can be more thoroughly cleaned by occasionally completely removing the Neck Nut. To remove:

Be mindful that if the unit is not sealed properly when replaced, there is a potential for gas leaking. This will be fairly obvious the next time the growler is pressurized (it might leak gas or beer). However, removal and replacing is fairly straightforward. Components should slip easily into their original position without force, and the neck nut tightened by hand until the last couple quarter turns with a crescent wrench to seal the gasket to the top of the pipe unit.

Household stainless steel and brass cleaners with a cloth will keep your growler outside surfaces bright and shiny.

Thank you for purchasing the World’s Heaviest Duty Pressurized Growler, the Craft Master C02 series.

Warning: Included in your purchase is Craft Master Growler C02 cartridges which is required use for the Craft Master C02 cap. We include the highest quality natural, food grade C02. Cartridges are pressurized and must be handled and stored with care. Keep out of reach of children, store in a cool dry place, and never expose to heat or flame. When charging your Craft Master Growler always point the cap and cartridge top away from your face and body, be mindful when your growler is charged. Before you re- move the cap from your growler always turn regulator dial on the cap to “off” position, release growler pressure by the zipper tab on the pressure release safety value. Once the cap is removed and anytime you unscrew the cartridge holder from the C02 cap (when a C02 cartridge is inside), even if empty, slowly unscrew the cartridge holder from the cap. The pressure of a partially, or even a full cylinder of CO2 will be harmlessly released if you slowly unscrew the cartridge holder from the cap, keeping hands and face away from any release of unused CO2 remaining.