Heavy Duty Growler

I opened the door to my 1-ton truck, and my (empty) 128oz Craft Master C02® Series growlers, with C02 cap and built in-tap, tumbled out.  It rolled out on to the pavement right on the tap! OUCH! I’ve been using this one for two years.  But it was fine, no damage! Darn, wish I had a video!  So my original growler and I are still together.

 Actually, we have spent our careers in factories developing products for the foodservice industry. In case you don’t know, heavy use in commercial kitchens and restaurants need a different level of quality than a lot of consumer items you find at the discount stores. Of course, every company tries to cut costs, lighten the product and substitute for cheaper materials. But you know, the end result is always something so flimsy it breaks with the first sneeze.  Thus, our throw always society.

We have built Craft Master C02® Series Growlers to be an indestructible piece of equipment. Bomber.  Heavy Duty.  And we are going to get flack for over-engineering, I’m sure.    No apologies.  A lot of hard work goes into our friends creating amazing craft beers.  For you, we have created a bulletproof growler! Cheers!

(and yes, we need to develop carrying cases…don’t worry…we will get there…)