Cold and Foamy

Cold and foamy is music to our taste buds, the way craft beer was meant to be enjoyed. Nothing is more disappointing in our opinion than drinking something flat and under carbonated! This is why we created the Craft Master C02® Series growlers. Now you can take your favorite fresh local craft beer with you, wherever go! Craft Master Growlers are great for... dinner parties, the beach, camping, or tailgating.

Please us know where you have taken your new growler. Already customers have told us the Craft Master C02® is a favorite piece of gear for boating and golfing!

Filler up after work, turn on the gas, and take it home and put in in your refrigerator to wait for your event. The beer will stay fresh as long as you keep it pressurized. We recommend you empty it within 2 weeks. Lowering the temperature (like in the fridge) and C02 infusing into the beer will lower the pressure, so make sure to check it several hours after it’s in the fridge or the next day to keep the pressure up!

Here are some more tips:

Chill n’

Your growler is double wall stainless steel and insulated to keep out the heat and keep in the cold. How long your beer will stay cold depends on the outside temperature, and temperature of the beer. Your beer will stay chilled several hours straight from the brew pub. But if you chill the growler full in the refrigerator this will keep your favorite brew chilled unaided for the longest period time.

Keep your head

We think C02 is precious. You want to keep it in your beer, and not waste it. We don’t think you need to buy a C02 cartridge for every ½ gallon or gallon of craft beer. This is why the Craft Master C02® series cap is a gas regulator. You regulate it. The purpose is primarily to preserve your carbonation. You pressurize the growler, then turn off the gas! With the dial turned to “off”, your cap can be removed, but you still have plenty of C02 waiting for you. You’ll be able to use a single cartridge for a few fills, depending on your style. If you have the tapped version growler, to pump out your draft through the tap will take a single cartridge per fill…in this case you are using the pressure to push the beer out the tap (which is a different function from preserving or infusing carbonation into a closed growler). But you can always just release the internal pressure with the zipper tab, open the growler and pour! We’ve designed the neck to pour and pour (Oh and fill and fill). Your cartridge pressure is saved for the next fill.